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WOOOOOOOO finished paper baby! helllll yea! sweeeeeeeeeeeet deal wow i realllllly cant wait til friday got sum plans...so far hopefully all will go threw, butr i got my hair dye to re-do my streaks...either doing that tonite or tomorrow before school...shall be fun fun fun, yes! *WhiTe GiRl DaNCe* YAY so excited....yes its like extacy with out the pill! man im waaay to good of a mood for it to be real but it is and u bet your ass it will be this was for awhile...seeming its been like all week...oh yes to Ruban..my sweet tom! lol you make me laugh sooooo hard..man i lub ya! never change...if you do ill have ta beat you A.I Ass! and you'd have to deal with my *Queen L.* attitude! hahaha oe Missy E. lmao! dude we gutta hang out one of these days...maybe play sum guitar! haha even though i suuck
ha anyway... im out for real now... love to you all

Kt- i will be missin you tomorrow good luck with the eye surgerery...my PUN will be lonely..and waiting...

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